martedì 24 ottobre 2006

A Lament for Italy

Flavio Briatore, a pretty famous - and undoubtedly wealthy - Italian business man, interviewed on TV, said that the problem with Italy is that the rich are demonized instead of being an example. This was part of the bigger social debate undergoing in this country in the last weeks about the new Financial Plan about to be voted in the Parliament.

So, is he right?

Half right, I'd say. Italy has a strong catholic culture, and this is where the glorification of the poor comes from. So richness is still regarded as a half-sin. But it's not just that. Take You Tube: sold to Google for 1.6 mln dollars, after 2 years of big success and not even one cent of gain. For 2 years You Tube was supported by venture capitals.

Now, look for venture capitals in Italy. Ha ha ha.

As long as the youths are not given a chance to do something new without the fear of becoming a homeless for that, as long as the safest way to make it in life is not risking, you can't expect Italy to begin growing. The result?. The key places are occupied by old guys all over the country, and the only young ones that can afford risky businesses come from rich families who can support them in case of failure.

This means that our society is not moving. There is no American Dream in Italy. Noone is self-made here. Everybody has been made by someone else.

What a waste. If we keep throwing energies away like that, one day we will have no more energies to use at all.

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